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RAID Adds XCCR Training…


Dive RAID International is so pleased to tell you that we have added training on the XCCR series of rebreathers to our available courses. This unit represents the state-of-the art in CCR design and configuration and we are happy to offer this option to those of you diving The RAID Way™.

The compact and ergonomic design facilitates assembly and maintenance. without special tools and the controlling software has been written to reduce human error and increase usability.

When it comes to matching the unit to diver needs, that are two canister models – made of Delrin or marine grade hard anodized Aluminum with teflon coating. The capacity for Diluent and Oxygen tanks range from two to seven litres and the quick-release fasteners make tank replacement fast and secure.

XCCR uses a radial scrubber with a manufacturer-guaranteed six-hour duration as standard. both oxygen and diluent manifolds have multiple outlets. So, off-board gases can be connected/disconnected directly via Swagelok QC6 quick connects for those divers who need this added function. This machine is a serious tool for serious divers.

The head of the XCCR is designed to have advanced air flow paths to eliminate condensation forming on the O2 cells. The Shearwater SOLO board in the head serves reading from three O2-sensors, solenoid firing, CO2-reading, HP reading on Oxygen and Diluent tanks, Head-Up Display control.

If the user cuts any cable, the unit will still carry on working and maintain the PPO2 up to surfacing. The X-CCR unit is equipped with Shearwater DiveCAN Petrel2 Controller on the left hand and with DiveCAN Head-Up Display placed on the BOV.

The Shearwater electronics has very low power consumption and provides long term battery life.

O2-sensors and built-in CO2 sensor are placed in the easily removable cartridge making it easy to dry, check, or replace the sensors. PPO2 readings are electronically separated and in the event of a short circuit on any sensor or cable or one of the computers, the ppO2 reading on the other computer is not affected.

There are two independent replaceable ubiquitous Li-Ion 18650 batteries located in sealed compartments out of the breathing loop, so the breathing gas can not be contaminated in the event of a battery leak. The unit’s wiring design is such that a diver should never have to miss a dive due to battery problems.

Other features
– Every unit is tested to 150m before it leaves the factory.
– CE approved.

RAID is proud to add training on this exceptional CCR to its growing suite of technical diving programs.

Contact your local RAID dive centre for details.