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Wreck Camp Malta

Mark this one in your travel calendar, because it promises to be memorable. For those in the know, Malta offers some very fine ocean wreck diving in moderate conditions with water temperatures in October in the low to mid 20s.

This week-long Severntec Diving event will be hosted at Paradive Diving School, and divers at all levels and any diver certified through a recognised agency is welcome.

That said, divers will be able to upgrade their certifications and RAID wreck, advanced wreck, DPV and others programs will be offered. (Please book any training spots asap since space is limited and these dive sites are among the very best in the Mediterranean, so spots will fill fast.)

Duration: 8 days. This will be in recreational limits unless arrangements are made prior to event

The sites so far on the agenda include: HMS Māori, X127, P31, Rozi, Hephaestus, MV Karwela, MV Cominoland, Um El Faroude. (Please note, HMS Māori, X127, P29 and Rozi are shore dives.)


Dive package which includes: Nitrox (12-15 Litre Cylinders), ten dives (two days of shore dives three days on boat) for €500 (€50 per dive).

More details to come, but contact Kevin Murphy and Severntec Diving to sign-up and to book your spot.

For more information about Paradise Diving, visit their FaceBook page, or the events listing on FaceBook.

The MV Karwela
The Staircase Dive (the wreck of the MV Karwel