RAID International
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Why the RAID experience is worth checking out

A message to divers or anyone interested in becoming one

At last count, there are around 120 diver certification agencies in the world. Of course, most of those are regional operations or closely associated with sports clubs, and by definition, have little impact on what is a thriving global industry. Of the remainder, there are only seven companies that have associated dive shops and active instructors teaching internationally. Dive RAID International (AKA RAID) is one of those, so-called, Big Seven dive certification agencies.

So, what exactly does that mean for potential customers like yourself? Well, there are several benefits to teaching or learning to dive The RAID Way™.

For folks wanting to become a diver or anyone already certified but wanting to learn more, the RAID difference is quality. RAID has a solid reputation for that. We’re not saying the competition doesn’t have a quality product, it’s just that we define it a little differently: no shortcuts, a comfortable, inclusive, and unhurried learning experience, with a solid focus on skills development and diver comfort. And to help us maintain quality in RAID dive centers in more than 35 countries, we have a comprehensive on-line quality assurance system that surveys EVERY diver during the certification process. This means you get a better experience.

For professionals, shop owners, instructors, and other dive leaders, we offer a robust B2B system that’s completely online and that includes products from try-dive and a full recreational course curriculum plus highly-respected technical programs such as a rich CCR, deep trimix, and cave lineup,  Zero-Fee membership, Free-Learning, a modern approach to business support that’s focused on helping your business to thrive. All this within a respected corporate package backed by ISO/EUF/RSTC membership.


Take a look around our website to find out more about the benefits of The RAID Way™ and how they can make your underwater dreams come true.