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RAID Makes You Look Like a Pro

GET THE BEST RESULTS FROM YOUR U/W ACTION CAMERA Exploring the underwater world is indeed a breathtaking adventure full of beauty and wonder! Whether it’s snorkeling or scuba diving… or simply floating around and observing marine life from the surface. There are so many ways to experience the mysteries of the ocean; and more ways than ever to capture its beauty. Underwater photography, especially shooting underwater video, used to require tonnes of expensive, complicated, and heavy equipment. It took patience too because before digital cameras, you’d wait for days—sometimes weeks—before old-fashioned film was processed and sent back from the lab. The real revolution has been to invention of the ACTION CAMERA. Move over super expensive, bulky, and difficult to use traditional gear; welcome a solution that’s affordable, fits in a carry-on, and doesn’t involve overweight baggage fees. Action Cameras are durable and tough enough to withstand extreme conditions, making them ideal for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and SCUBA diving! They’re lightweight, small and compact so they can “go anywhere:” even mounted on a mask strap or other dive gear. For the dedicated user, there are useful accessories such as trays, lights, hardware to attach them to you or your gear, and tough underwater housings. The results are super high-quality producing clear video and still image capture. PLUS: with their standard wide-angle lens they lend a neat perspective on the action: fish, shipwrecks, coral gardens, whatever. And many action cameras are equipped with built-in stabilization technology to reduce camera shake and produce steady footage, even during high-intensity activities. Most of all action cameras are waterproof or come with a protective housing, allowing them to be used underwater. Even beyond recreational limits with special housings. Overall, the advantages of action cameras make them an excellent choice for capturing underwater adventures. RAID’s Action Camera program was developed specifically for the agency by award-winning image maker Jeff Goodman. It covers more than just the basics—including video editing—and is the perfect learning tool to make your underwater videos and images tell the real story about your passion. Tell your local RAID Dive Centre you want to move your underwater video and still images to a new level with an Action Camera course.