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Don’t Dive Without It

RECREATIONAL PRE-DIVE CHECKLIST Here’s a simplified list of what to check before starting your underwater adventure. The RAID Way™ Remember always that a couple of minutes spent doing thorough pre-dive checks can save your dive before it starts! It’s important to keep things real but just as important to keep things fun. The simple habit […]

The RAID Way™ in Cyprus

Cyprus, like so many spots in the Mediterranean, offers an unforgettable experience for scuba divers. Diverse marine life—and plenty of it—contribute to truly remarkable underwater beauty. So, whether you’re a seasoned diver or a beginner looking to explore the deep blue sea, this island nation is worth adding to the “must dive” spots. The great […]

The Benefits of Being an Online Training Partner

IT’S THE BEST OPTION FOR YOU… HERE’S HOW IT WORKS RAID is an online business; we always have been. We like the whole vibe that being totally digital conveys: that’s to say a sense of community, open access, and inclusivity. And it really helps the company keep the smallest environmental ‘fin-print in the industry.’ One […]

Renewals For Members 2023

Dear member: thank you for your support, and thank you for helping us to make 2023 so successful. This year, we have tried to make renewing your professional status easier than ever… READ HOW BELOW. And of course, Zero FEe-Membership really helps to make the process pain-free… we’re happy to help there too. QUESTIONS: CONTACT […]

RAID Now Supports ORCA v6 from LUNGFISH

RAID is thrilled tell you about its collaboration with Lungfish Dive Systems, and to introduce a new option to our cutting-edge range of rebreather courses. The Lungfish Dive System blends simplicity with advanced operational capabilities in a compact and flexible unit that’s equally at home in recreational or expedition mode, which sets a new standard […]

This isn’t the Vatican… off your knees, please!

WHY WE MAKE SUCH A BIG DEAL ABOUT BUOYANCY (AND TRIM) You may have heard that students in RAID Open Water 20 programs (and beyond) are expected to demonstrate skills while neutrally buoyant. What skills? All of ’em: mask removal, second-stage recovery, gas sharing, all of ’em. And it’s easier than you think. So, what […]

So, is RAID a tech agency or not?

The short answer is no, but we understand the confusion. Dive RAID International, RAID for short, takes training open water divers—beginners—seriously. Our instructors are top-drawer professionals who teach new divers skills from day one, that other agencies think are advanced! And that confuses some. Our opinion is that buoyancy control, knowing a few extra tricks […]

Snorkeling’s a sweet alternative

Swim gear, a towel, a mask and snorkel: what could be simpler? And there’s a lot to be seen from the surface, so that sometimes, breaking out the scuba gear isn’t necessary. Did you know that RAID now has a swimmer-friendly snorkelling program? Perfect for hassle-free exploring for any diver, and a great alternative for […]

Cavern diver training program is so popular… we should have known

RAID Cavern diver is hugely popular

Surprised by cavern training program Every flavour and size of scuba diving broadens the mind and opens a host of unique and exciting ways to appreciate the underwater world, but frankly, we’re surprised that so many divers seem to have cavern diving is on their to-do list. At RAID, we work hard to add recreational […]