RAID International
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So, is RAID a tech agency or not?

The short answer is no, but we understand the confusion. Dive RAID International, RAID for short, takes training open water divers—beginners—seriously. Our instructors are top-drawer professionals who teach new divers skills from day one, that other agencies think are advanced! And that confuses some. Our opinion is that buoyancy control, knowing a few extra tricks to swim with the least effort, how to be a confident and helpful buddy, the advantages of breathing from a long-hose, and proper gas planning and dive management are necessary and shouldn’t be extra bolt-on courses (costing the student extra bolt-on fees by the way): we feel these things are basic. And in RAID’s basic courses is when student are introduced to them. Before RAID came along, breathing gases (like trimix and nitrox), and kit configurations we introduce early on, were considered “technical.” So, some people think that’s what RAID is all about… technical stuff. But we’re not: we’re just different. And yes, we do have technical programs—cavern, cave, rebreathers, deep diving, DPV, and so on—but our focus is on introducing a new generation of divers (of all ages) to the fun and thrill of underwater adventuring in a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning space. So, if you are looking to get into diving for the first time, or if you already into scuba or freediving, but want to get more from it, try us. The RAID Way™ works! And it’s fun.