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Cavern diver training program is so popular… we should have known

RAID Cavern diver is hugely popular

Surprised by cavern training program Every flavour and size of scuba diving broadens the mind and opens a host of unique and exciting ways to appreciate the underwater world, but frankly, we’re surprised that so many divers seem to have cavern diving is on their to-do list. At RAID, we work hard to add recreational specialties because continuing education helps our members hone dive skills and stay comfortable and competent in the water. New programs help them, and of course, they help us and our dive centres… it’s our business to respond to <market trends>. But with the “overnight” popularity of Recreational Cavern Diver—launched at the beginning of March—has taken us by surprise. We should have added a Recreational Cavern program sooner than we did. Whoops, sorry about that. However, we have to take credit for something and our guess is that the new additions to RAID‘s specialties menu (Twinset Foundations was successfully launched at the same time… and has proved popular too), are exactly what the community was waiting for. The right mix of accessible challenge, fun, and diving The RAID Way™. More about Cavern here>>> Check our Twinset Foundations here>>>