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RAID Now Supports ORCA v6 from LUNGFISH

RAID is thrilled tell you about its collaboration with Lungfish Dive Systems, and to introduce a new option to our cutting-edge range of rebreather courses. The Lungfish Dive System blends simplicity with advanced operational capabilities in a compact and flexible unit that’s equally at home in recreational or expedition mode, which sets a new standard in underwater exploration. Lungfish Dive Systems, renowned for their expertise in Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR), presents a compact rebreather that redefines convenience and versatility in scuba diving. Lighter and less cumbersome than traditional scuba gear, the Lungfish CCR offers unmatched adaptability, catering to diverse dive and travel preferences. At the heart of this breakthrough is the Lungfish ORCA CCR, designed to deliver superior performance while eliminating the bulkiness associated with traditional SCUBA equipment. Dive enthusiasts can enjoy extended underwater adventures with exceptional freedom of movement. The ORCA CCR’s flexibility makes it the correct “tool” for a long list of dive and travel requirements. “This is such a stunning rebreather. Compact and lightweight, but it’s so really well constructed. It dives, and trims so well, no matter whether you are wetsuit or drysuit diving. And it is so beautiful simple.” Paul Toomer, RAID’s senior training consultant and an instructor-trainer for the Lungfish unit. This remarkable unit boasts state-of-the-art electronics, complemented by failsafe mechanics and robust practicality. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design combines seamless operation with top-tier performance. The low resistance breathing loop guarantees effortless and comfortable breathing, while the efficient scrubber efficiently manages demanding deep-water conditions. For added safety and monitoring, the unit incorporates a solid-state carbon dioxide monitor. To embark on this thrilling rebreather journey, aspiring divers should meet the following prerequisites: Contact your local RAID Dive Centre to find out more about Lungfish Dive Systems!For instructor training, contact: Paul Toomer | Dave Gration | Martin Robson. For diver training in the USA, please contact Sandra Clopp. Already a Lungfish instructor? Easy to cross over your status by completing this form>>>