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Twinsets are not just for technical diving!


Diving with two cylinders used to be the sign of a hard-core technical diver but that’s old-school when nitrox was considered “technical.” RAID‘s new program encourages any diver to enjoy the comforting feeling of having “tonnes of gas.” Twinset Foundations (diving with doubles) is a totally new program is the RAID catalogue. It is RAID‘s answer to delivering formalized training for divers who want to learn the safe and responsible way to use this classic kit configuration for any type of diving. In effect, twinset foundations opens up diving with redundant gas to the whole diving community. Designed as a valuable standalone for anyone who wishes to understand and enjoy the benefits of extending their bottom time, having a second first stage ready to deliver gas, and learning how to plan their dives to take full advantage of these benefits. This course may also be combined with other RAID courses and will become a prerequisite for students wishing to use twinsets on advanced decompression courses and overhead programs (much like our existing sidemount course). RAID‘s focus in 2023 will be on launching more programs aimed at the broader recreational market, and we view this brand-new program as a perfect fit for that promise to you and your dive centres. The full standards follow this introduction to the new course but its key points are: combination of confined water training to work on and show mastery of required skills, with at least two open water dives logging three hours or more in-water time. This course is available to any open water 20 certified diver who is 15 years old.   Take a look at the current standards for this RAID course here>>>