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Comfort Reimagined

Diving with an OCEAN REEF Integrated Diving Mask is a totally new experience and brings a different vision to your underwater adventures. Full face masks offer greater safety and comfort, especially in cold or dirty water. For ice-diving, they are the closest thing to a ‘must-have.’ And they are often part of a public safety diver’s basic kit. But they have plenty of benefits for day-to-day sport diving as well. A IDM gives divers a clearer and broader field of view, and breathing with a full face mask is extremely comfortable because the diver can breathe more naturally than with a traditional scuba second stage—through their nose! Another benefit for instructors (and other divers too) is the option of fitting the OCEAN REEF IDM with communications. Being able to communicate with students, one-way or duplex brings a whole new dimension to confined-water training. Ask your local RAID dive centre about the RAID IDM program and the features and benefits of OCEAN REEF’s flexible, feature-packed, and revolutionary IDM. While you’re talking, ask about how easy it is to make your IDM fully customized with useful and functional accessories. #TheRAIDWay™