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Comfort Reimagined

Diving with an OCEAN REEF Integrated Diving Mask is a totally new experience and brings a different vision to your underwater adventures. Full face masks offer greater safety and comfort, especially in cold or dirty water. For ice-diving, they are the closest thing to a ‘must-have.’ And they are often part of a public safety […]

What does “global acceptance” mean exactly?

The RAID Way™ in action Compared to some of the original diver certification agencies (the dive industry’s granny and grandpa companies), RAID is a relative newcomer with a little more than a seven-year history. However, in that time we’ve earned a reputation for delivering quality instruction, respecting student safety above the almighty dollar, and delivering […]

Lungfish Rebreather Training with RAID + Paul Toomer

Although our focus at RAID has drifted more towards the recreational/sport diving end of the dive agency spectrum in the past few years, we do have a pretty solid grounding in breathers and offering CCR training. Right now we are excited that one of our senior staff Tech Examiners and one-time president, Paul Toomer, has […]

This isn’t the Vatican… off your knees, please!

WHY WE MAKE SUCH A BIG DEAL ABOUT BUOYANCY (AND TRIM) You may have heard that students in RAID Open Water 20 programs (and beyond) are expected to demonstrate skills while neutrally buoyant. What skills? All of ’em: mask removal, second-stage recovery, gas sharing, all of ’em. And it’s easier than you think. So, what […]

Twinsets are not just for technical diving!


Diving with two cylinders used to be the sign of a hard-core technical diver but that’s old-school when nitrox was considered “technical.” RAID‘s new program encourages any diver to enjoy the comforting feeling of having “tonnes of gas.” Twinset Foundations (diving with doubles) is a totally new program is the RAID catalogue. It is RAID‘s […]