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Why Become A Try Dive Instructor?

There are literally hundreds of thousands of try dives conducted each year around the world. This experience is often the first time these participants will have ever breathed underwater.
As we all know, this is one of the most rewarding experiences for not only the new diver, but also the Try Dive instructor. While it is a simple program, managing untrained, uncertified divers on an experience program poses unique challenges.
Safety is of the utmost importance, while providing knowledge and skills in a fun filled environment. Your job as a Try Dive instructor is to balance all of this into an unforgettable experience.

How Do I Get My Certification?

To gain the RAID Try Dive Instructor rating, provided you are a qualified RAID Divemaster, all you need to do is purchase the Try Dive Instructor course and complete the Try Dive Instructor training including all academics and in-water work with a RAID Divemaster Instructor.


Start Diving / Try Dive Instructor - RAID International Scuba Diving Course

Course Structure

Together with your instructor you will be guided through the following:


Once certified as a Try Dive instructor, you will be able to:
⭐ Please contact your dive center, local regional office, or Dive RAID International if you have any questions.

Start Today

1. To register as a RAID diver, please visit the link provided below and follow registration instructions.

2. Visit our FREe-Learning centre to read the course material, then purchase the course if you wish.

3. Locate your nearest dive center and get in touch to begin your adventure with RAID today!

Be unafRAID and get started today!

⭐ When purchasing a course online, access to the course manuals, quizzes and exam are included. Practical training is provided by your local RAID Dive Centre and Instructor.

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