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You Deserve The Upgrade

As a dive center, divemaster or instructor, you are at the top of your game. We respect that, and we are looking for aspirational, motivated professionals like you.

Why Join Dive RAID International?

Consider the following questions:

Why Should You Join RAID?

First of all, RAID is not a technical-only agency. We are a leading light in the recreational diving community, and we are proud of that fact.
We’ve got a lot of firsts under our belt: the first fully online diver-training agency, the first to insist our open water divers do skills off their knees, and the first to promote—but not mandate—the long hose to recreational divers.
Start Diving / Instructor Crossover - RAID International Scuba Diving Course
We lead the way with our online quality assurance system designed to reduce instructor and dive center liability. It’s no surprise, then, that we feel the RAID brand provides something a bit different and fresh. We’re an inclusive, modern diver training agency like no other.

Teaching The RAID Way

Enjoy these benefits as a RAID team member:
⭐ For any further information, contact your local regional office or email us on

Start Today

To get started, all you need to do is register with RAID and create an online profile by clicking here. Once registered, you can purchase the course online in our “Store”, and then start reading the manuals and complete the quiz and exam.
Once registered, you will have immediate access to RAID’s unique FREe-Learning platform, where you can download your course and start your academic training immediately. FREe-Learning allows you to download the manuals and complete all the associated quizzes. Once you have done this, you will need to contact your local RAID Dive Center to schedule your course and let them guide you through the training process. Once you have agreed all associated fees, your dive center will open the full training program so that you can complete any exams, have all your skills signed off, and receive your electronic certification card.
Your RAID online course includes all your training materials, which you can access for life. Upon completion, your internationally recognized electronic certification will be issued.
1. To register as a RAID diver, please visit the link provided below and follow registration instructions.

2. Visit our FREe-Learning centre to read the course material, then purchase the course if you wish.

3. Locate your nearest dive center and get in touch to begin your adventure with RAID today!

Be unafRAID and get started today!

⭐ When purchasing a course online, access to the course manuals, quizzes and exam are included. Practical training is provided by your local RAID Dive Centre and Instructor.

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