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Official response to changes in business practices

On behalf of the shareholders and management team at Dive RAID International (RAID), we wish to make it clear that our agency does NOT plan to restrict our members from conducting business however they wish and in a way that works best in their market.

We are aware that a competitive certification agency has recently decided that dive centres in certain regions who “fly its flag” may no longer offer courses from other companies. Offering alternative programs in these regions, either to offer courses NOT in their curriculum or to simply offer customer choice, will result in what amounts to expulsion.

RAID wants to assure its members that it has no plans to embrace a similar tactic. With very few restrictions, RAID allows RAID instructors and DCs choice, and encourages broad support of the dive industry as a whole community. We also believe that doing so supports the spirit and intent behind our membership to WRSTC, ISO, RTC, et al.

Our open market policy is part of doing business The RAID Way™ which includes Zero Fee-Membership, highly competitive pricing, and support for our professionals rather than unilaterally deciding to restrict their business.

We do understand that an analogy exists that while Hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaners, consumers sometimes chose to buy Dyson because it better suits their needs. The same may be said of consumers deciding to buy scuba and freediving training. Brand primacy does not equate to the best choice for every consumer, and RAID believes in a fair, open market.

Again, RAID supports customer choice and we are comfortable being judged on our high standards, track record for safety, quality, inclusiveness, and ethical business practices.

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