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Night + Limited Visibility


In many parts of world, the real fun starts when the sun goes down… so, if you dive but never at night, you need to see your diving in a whole new light.

Scuba is a thrilling and unique experience; Scuba diving at night is like that but way more so. It’s fantastic!

Marine life behaves differently at night. It undergoes a dramatic transformation, and night diving opens up encounters with the most fascinating creatures not typically seen during ‘regular diving hours.’ Many marine animals are nocturnal —octopuses, lobsters, moray eels, and certain types of bony fish — so divers can only witness their active behavior firsthand when the sun has gone for the day. Coral reefs are one environment that is way more active at night. The coral itself wakes up at night, and tonnes of fish venture out of their hiding spots to hunt for prey under the veil of darkness. These creatures have adapted to low-light conditions and often exhibit unique behaviors that are not typically seen during the day.

It’s also common in warmer water to see bioluminescent organisms that glow in the dark, adding a magical quality to any dive experience. From tiny zooplankton to larger organisms like jellyfish, bioluminescence adds a surreal and mesmerizing quality to the underwater world at night. Diving with the aid of specialized lights can reveal the intricate beauty of these glowing creatures and their interactions in the dark ocean depths.

Naturally, there are some ‘tricks and special insights’ that make night diving more productive; and some simple equipment that makes it safer for you and your buddy. And that’s what this RAID specialty is truly all about. More than that, the techniques and gear suggestions you’ll pick up in this class will also help you get your diving and buddy skills squared away in limited visibility conditions. A situation more common in cooler climes.

Overall, this RAID specialty, is one of the most useful, and is especially recommended for new divers who are aiming to add to their experience and understanding of the underwater world.