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Twinset Foundations

Twinset Foundations / Boat Diver - RAID International Scuba Diving Course

Why Two Tanks?

Diving with two cylinders used to be the sign of a hard-core technical diver, but that’s old-school from the days when nitrox was considered “technical.” And of course today, some students opt to add nitrox diver to their open water training.
Times change, and RAID‘s new program takes advantage of that and encourages any certified diver who wants to enjoy the comforting feeling of having “tonnes of gas” by making its Twinset Foundations course open to all levels of recreational diver.
Twinset Foundations (diving with doubles) is a totally new program in the RAID catalogue. It is RAID‘s answer to delivering formalized training for divers who want to learn the safe and responsible way to use this classic kit configuration, and more complex gas management practices. In effect, Twinset Foundations opens up diving with redundant gas to the whole diving community.

Who Can Enroll?

Students for this RAID recreational specialty need to be at least 15 years old (younger with parent or guardian written permission) and must be certified RAID OW or equivalent.
We’ve made signing up for this course simple because it’s designed to be a valuable standalone for anyone who wishes to understand and enjoy the benefits of extending their bottom time, having a second first stage ready to deliver gas in an emergency, and learning how to plan their dives to take full advantage of these benefits. This course may also be combined with other RAID courses and will become a prerequisite for students wishing to use Twinsets on advanced decompression courses and overhead programs (much like our existing sidemount course).

What To Expect

This specialty must be run by a RAID Twinset instructor who must be physically present and in direct supervision for every segment of the class and who must use matching equipment throughout the duration of the course. There may also be a certified assistant present (a divemaster at least) with certification as a RAID Twinset Foundations diver).
A typical Twinset Foundations course consists of academic modules, quizzes and a final exam, followed by confined water training of a minimum of one hour underwater, plus two open water dives totally a minimum of three hours.
When Twinset Foundations is combined with another approved RAID diver program, must be cumulative and ALL skills for both programs must be demonstrated and mastered. When combined with another course, open water time for THIS program may be reduced to two hours if circumstances and student progress allow.

NOTE: For dives below 30 metres, RAID recommends diving with a redundant source of breathing gas. Diving twins (manifolded doubles, a backplate and wing) meets this recommendation. Also note that this is not a decompression or overhead program, and all dives must be conducted within the limits of the student’s core level certifications.

Equipment Requirement

Refer to “Equipment Requirements” in the RGDS.

Next Step

RAID‘s new program is a bona fide stand-alone skills development specialty. However, facility managing a Twinset is a fundamental requirement for several decompression and advanced overhead programs

Start Today

1. To register as a RAID diver, please visit the link provided below and follow registration instructions.

2. Visit our FREe-Learning centre to read the course material, then purchase the course if you wish.

3. Locate your nearest dive center and get in touch to begin your adventure with RAID today!

Be unafRAID and get started today!

⭐ When purchasing a course online, access to the course manuals, quizzes and exam are included. Practical training is provided by your local RAID Dive Centre and Instructor.


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