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Purpose Of The Course

Instructors have continued their training in order to teach a particular speciality by attending a Speciality Training Course with an Instructor Trainer or through a cross over programme.
Various specialities are supported by course notes. However, instructors may write a distinctive specialty program and submit it for authorisation to RAID before teaching, upon meeting the prerequisites.


Keep Diving / Specialty Instructor - RAID International Scuba Diving Course

Speciality Instructor Cross Over

A certified Instructor may apply, in writing, to RAID HQ for accreditation with respect to application for RAID Specialty Instructor certification.

To Be A Certified Raid Instructor

NOTE: The above does not guarantee acceptance by RAID who has the sole decision to accept or ask for further requirements to be met.

Speciality Instuctor Duties

In addition to the existing duties, a RAID Speciality Instructor is certified to teach within the Terms and Conditions of the RAID General Diving Standards:

Course Content


Complete and pass the quick quiz and exam in the academic learning presentation/s.

In Water Training

Each section will specify the required dives and skill development.


The above is subject to the RAID General Diving Standards and change without notice.

Cross Overs

Start Today

1. To register as a RAID diver, please visit the link provided below and follow registration instructions.

2. Visit our FREe-Learning centre to read the course material, then purchase the course if you wish.

3. Locate your nearest dive center and get in touch to begin your adventure with RAID today!

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⭐ When purchasing a course online, access to the course manuals, quizzes and exam are included. Practical training is provided by your local RAID Dive Centre and Instructor.

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