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Public Safety Diver (PSD)

A Note on Public Safety Diving

Public Safety Diving (PSD) is sometimes referred to as badged diving because its operations are often the responsibility of law enforcement agencies, fire departments, and professional security teams.

Public safety diving differs from recreational and technical diving in many ways although individuals from both branches of sport diving can function as volunteer personnel on PSD teams. One major and obvious difference is the type of work done underwater and the dive goals. Typically, public safety dive operations include search, rescue, and recovery; evidence recovery, and site assessment and recording data for use in court proceedings.

Another difference is that while sport divers have the luxury of planning when and where they dive, PSD are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. PSD also have little or no control over the environmental conditions in which dives are conducted, so conducting operations in zero visibility, biohazards, and generally adverse conditions are common considerations.

Why RAID Developed This Program

RAID has ventured into the PSD market at this point to complete a promise made to several of our members who requested a “RAID style” program to help them develop and train competent divers (volunteer and badged professionals) for the special responsibilities that come with the role.


The course is open to interested divers of 18 years or older who are certified as a RAID Explorer 30 or RAID Advanced 35 diver (or equiv.). Candidates must have a minimum of 50 logged dives or 30 underwater hours logged and must successfully complete an IADRS (International Association of Dive Rescue Specialist) Watermanship evaluation Test or equivalent and recreational SCUBA Skills evaluation.

They must also be part of a Public Safety Organization or a volunteer member of a team under the direct supervision of an agency.

In addition, divers must be certified as RAID First AID and O2 or equivalent and be certified as a drysuit diver if using a drysuit for the course.

In addition to the basic scuba gear specified in RAID’s open water programs, the use of a Full-Face Mask (see IDM) is authorized for use if the diver holds the appropriate certification for the type of mask he/she will be using or if the FFM training is conducted in conjunction with this program.

Additional equipment needed or recommended for this basic PSD program includes: a dive computer with Nitrox capability, two separate cutting devices, a harness with back plate and wing (55lb lift), a Full Face Mask. Please note: The use of Split Fins is not recommended.

Course Content

public safety diver from RAID

The minimum in-water time for RAID’s PSD program is eight hours of confined-water instruction coupled with at least six open water dives. Successful candidates with earn a RAID PSD Entry Level Certification. This training complies with OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Start Today

1. To register as a RAID diver, please visit the link provided below and follow registration instructions.

2. Visit our FREe-Learning centre to read the course material, then purchase the course if you wish.

3. Locate your nearest dive center and get in touch to begin your adventure with RAID today!

Be unafRAID and get started today!

⭐ When purchasing a course online, access to the course manuals, quizzes and exam are included. Practical training is provided by your local RAID Dive Centre and Instructor.

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