The RAID LearnToScuba App has been purely developed to support the RAID online learning experience, both online and offline, for the entire range of courses that RAID offers.

It is the most advanced integrated training App and Web Site interface! RAID internet learning incorporates pro-active quality control learning developed for SCUBA dive training and it is FREE of charge.

First of all - is there any other App on the market today that can do the following while ONLINE or OFFLINE?

  • All the courses that the agency has to offer, RAID has 88 courses that can be completed via our App. As soon as we launch a new course it is immediately available in the App.
  • View all courses you have active, and completed.
  • Download all user course manuals you need to complete your courses offline.
  • Download a choice of documents and save to your mobile device.
  • Instructor Skills Sign off - any current RAID Instructor may login to the member's App and sign off completed in water skills, even off line! However, the RAID App will only allow RAID Instructors who are qualified to teach a course to sign off skills online or offline. This is part of the pro-active quality control.
  • Student counter sign off (pro-active quality control). Members counter sign the in water skill sign off confirming, in real time, they have completed the relevant skill to their satisfaction.
  • View all your logged dives.
  • Log new dives online and offline. Offline logged dives are auto synced as soon as you are online again.
  • Provide e-cards for all your courses, without charge.
  • Auto sync with the member's online profile.

There is no other training agency App that does this, none!

And all this with NO hidden extra charges; NO having to go to another program; NO having to open and login to another application, anywhere, at any time, with any internet connection. NO need to have extra dongles or extra "box" in the dive center's. NO need to be near a RAID dive center at all. Our members use the RAID App when diving in remote areas, for days or even weeks with no internet online connections.

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NOTE: To get the best use out of the App we recommend that you read the NOTES in the App after you have downloaded it. Remember that before you can use the App fully, you have to be a RAID registered Diver and have a course active in your login first.

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