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The RAID Way™ is the philosophy and business model this agency is based on, and its focus is YOU.

Its concerns are: what are your needs, and what knowledge and what skills do you need to safely dive at a particular level, whether you are about to start diving from scratch or you have experience and want to continue your education?

To make your learning experience a positive one, we broke away from the traditional instructional models and designed programs that makes mastering vital skills easier, more intuitive, and in many cases, safer.

Graduates from RAID courses therefore start right and continue that way: and that translates into more fun, more enjoyment, and a faster route to becoming a great diver.

Diving The RAID Way™ also means that many essential skills, like buoyancy and trim and understanding how much gas you will use on a dive, are part of your training from Day One. In many cases, these skills have been removed from many agencies’ basic courses. They teach these as specialties. That approach means the student not only pays more for training, but they also leave their courses with a critical gap in their knowledge and skill.

This is totally unacceptable in our view. When a diver learns to dive, they should exit the program with a thorough understanding and the knowledge needed to safely plan and execute dives at that level.

They should also have the skill set needed to maximize their safety, enjoyment, and comfort. Why would a diver learn to dive and then be told that they need to take another course “next weekend” to become proficient at controlling their buoyancy?

Learning to dive The RAID Way™ doesn’t mean we disagree with further diver education. Far from it. What it means is that the dive and your desires dictate what further continuing education you move on to… as an already skilled and comfortable diver.

If swimming on shallow coral reefs admiring all aquatic plants and animals while having fun doing your favourite hobby is your thing, then then you may not want to take your education any further, other than refreshing your scuba skills once in a while with your instructor.

However, you may want to dive deeper and longer, explore caves or wrecks, dive under ice or even use a different equipment configuration. Whatever you want to do, we have a safe training option for you.


Absolutely YES. RAID is a member of the Recreational Scuba Training Council (both in the USA and Europe). We are also ISO certified. In addition, we are members of many other organizations dedicated to making diving safer. The most important thing for you to know is that your certification is recognized by dive centers and instructors globally.


We’re glad you asked!

To get started, all you need to do is register with RAID and create an online profile by clicking here. Once registered, you can purchase the course online in our “Store”, and then start reading the manuals and complete the quiz and exam.

We know that most divers would like to learn more about the sport they love so much, so we created a platform that allows you access to any course that RAID offers, and we mean any course.

Once registered, you will have immediate access to RAID’s unique FREe-Learning platform where you can download your course and start your academic training immediately. FREe-Learning allows you to download the manuals and complete all the associated quizzes. Once you have done this, you will need to contact your local RAID Dive Center to schedule your course and let them guide you through the training process. Once you have agreed all associated fees, your dive center will open the full training program so that you can complete any exams, have all your skills signed off, and receive your electronic certification card. Your RAID online course includes all your training materials which you can access for life. Upon completion your internationally recognized electronic certification will be issued.