Diver Standards

Start Diving - RAID International Scuba Diving Course

This is a temporary fix while we reconfigure the RAID blog. CAVERN DIVER PROGRAM Purpose This course is designed to safely train students in the established procedures and protocols to dive in an overhead environment while remaining within the light zone at all times, without incurring any decompression obligations and within course limits outlined below. […]

Hypoxic Rebreather Training with RAID


RAID filled the missing piece of its revamped CCR programs by launching the Hypoxic Trimix Rebreather Diver program. This course has been reconfigured to conform to the new rebreather guidelines launched by ISO and RSTC last year, and like all of RAID‘s undated CCR courses, Hypoxic Trimix CCR is unit specific, and certifies rebreather divers […]

Twinsets are not just for technical diving!


Diving with two cylinders used to be the sign of a hard-core technical diver but that’s old-school when nitrox was considered “technical.” RAID‘s new program encourages any diver to enjoy the comforting feeling of having “tonnes of gas.” Twinset Foundations (diving with doubles) is a totally new program is the RAID catalogue. It is RAID‘s […]

Cavern Program Open To Recreational Divers

Cavern Program Open To Recreational Divers

RAID‘s new program has been written specifically to work as a stand-alone “recreational specialty” and mild overhead course to meet demand from users who do not want to commit to the equipment requirements of a full-blown technical program. It’s intended primarily to open the excitement and beauty of overhead diving to non-technical divers. Recreational cavern […]