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Take your Freediving deeper and longer


ANNOUNCING RAID ADVANCED FREEDIVING COURSE So, what’s this course all about and why you need it? This whole course is structured to build on the comfort level you achieved during your RAID Freediver course and refine the core skills of freediving to become a more confident and proficient freediver. Improving your equalization techniques and learning […]

Be the best buddy ever…


CHECK OUT RAID‘s INDEPENDENT DIVER PROGRAM Since RAID first opened its doors, the agency and its instructor core have promoted diving at every level as a team endeavour. Scuba diving is something done with a buddy. However, the buddy system is based on a each of the team being equals and equal to the task. […]

Independent Diver Overview

INFORMATION SHEET FOR RROs AND PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS Description: This course teaches certified RAID divers with at least 100 logged dives, three main additional skills so they are competent and confident diving without the guaranteed support of a buddy. These skills are managing a ‘stage’ or bailout bottle; deploying a DSMB; safely and effectively managing several […]

Night + Limited Visibility

ONE OF THE MOST FUN RAID SPECIALTIES In many parts of world, the real fun starts when the sun goes down… so, if you dive but never at night, you need to see your diving in a whole new light. Scuba is a thrilling and unique experience; Scuba diving at night is like that but […]

Sometimes it’s okay to hold your breath

FREEDIVING SPECIAL There are many incredible aspects to freediving. One of the most amazing things is the feeling of freedom and connection to the underwater world that comes with diving without the constraints of scuba or rebreather equipment. Freedivers often describe a sense of tranquility and oneness with the ocean that is truly unique. Additionally, […]

It’s just a piece of duct tape…

BUT ITS JOB IS KEEPING DIVERS SAFE When it’s time to fill cylinders to go diving, Nitrox is king. Oxygen Enriched Air, nitrox, EANx, whatever we want to call it, is totally mainstream and the default diving gas for SCUBA divers around the globe. Odd to think that when first introduced the established training agencies […]

Air is for Bicycle Tires

RAID MAKES BREATHING THE GOOD STUFF EASY More bottom time very quickly adds up to more fun, so what’s stopping you from making it happen for you? We know that nitrox is not available to divers in some spots around the world, but if it is available locally (and certainly when you travel to go […]

Buddies in Training

RAID CADET OPEN WATER DIVER Did you know that RAID gives you a chance to share your passion for underwater adventure with the future… the future of scuba diving that is? Introducing young kids to scuba diving and educating them about marine life and the environment is a fantastic way to instill a love for […]

Don’t Dive Without It

RECREATIONAL PRE-DIVE CHECKLIST Here’s a simplified list of what to check before starting your underwater adventure. The RAID Way™ Remember always that a couple of minutes spent doing thorough pre-dive checks can save your dive before it starts! It’s important to keep things real but just as important to keep things fun. The simple habit […]