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Opening up Germany

RAID is constantly growing and turning more divers and wannabe divers on to the fun, comfort and safety of diving The RAID Way™. And occasionally we get to welcome old friends and dive buddies into the “family.” We’re so happy to let the diving community know that RAID Germany is now fully online. Stefano Stolfa […]

Lungfish Rebreather Training with RAID + Paul Toomer

Although our focus at RAID has drifted more towards the recreational/sport diving end of the dive agency spectrum in the past few years, we do have a pretty solid grounding in breathers and offering CCR training. Right now we are excited that one of our senior staff Tech Examiners and one-time president, Paul Toomer, has […]

What’s in it for you…

WE’RE MAKING IT EASIER FOR YOU TO DO BUSINESS WITH DRI RAID was the first agency to go totally digital, fully online, no printed manuals, giving us the smallest fin-print in the industry and convenience for our members. And at the time, our back-end Business-to-Business site was state of the art. But since the only […]

This isn’t the Vatican… off your knees, please!

WHY WE MAKE SUCH A BIG DEAL ABOUT BUOYANCY (AND TRIM) You may have heard that students in RAID Open Water 20 programs (and beyond) are expected to demonstrate skills while neutrally buoyant. What skills? All of ’em: mask removal, second-stage recovery, gas sharing, all of ’em. And it’s easier than you think. So, what […]

So, is RAID a tech agency or not?

The short answer is no, but we understand the confusion. Dive RAID International, RAID for short, takes training open water divers—beginners—seriously. Our instructors are top-drawer professionals who teach new divers skills from day one, that other agencies think are advanced! And that confuses some. Our opinion is that buoyancy control, knowing a few extra tricks […]

Public Safety Diver

Dive RAID International has developed a Public Safety Diver (PSD) Entry-Level program which is due for release in mid-September 2023. It is the first offering from RAID into this type of diving. Although the agency is a “new” vendor in the PSD market, we recognised it as a special case and the SMEs (subject matter […]

The story is nothing happened…

As an instructor, it’s always a treat to hear from students after their course telling you how much they appreciate the help you’ve given them, and how valuable that help has been. It’s particularly neat when the most important event post training, is that nothing happened… when it really could have! Jimmy Henderson, one of […]

A Integrated Dive Mask

A great alternative to traditional kit… and so much more. RAID is proud to offer instruction on Ocean Reef revolutionary equipment. The design and function is superior; a remarkable improvement on old-school full-face masks. And all the advantages over a traditional scuba mask are available in several models to suit divers at all levels, from […]

Snorkeling’s a sweet alternative

Swim gear, a towel, a mask and snorkel: what could be simpler? And there’s a lot to be seen from the surface, so that sometimes, breaking out the scuba gear isn’t necessary. Did you know that RAID now has a swimmer-friendly snorkelling program? Perfect for hassle-free exploring for any diver, and a great alternative for […]