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Crossover Process Streamlined

As an Instructor Trainer or Master Instructor Trainer crossing over instructors for other agencies to RAID, you may have run into a minor issue in the past. This is because Instructor Trainers and Master Instructor Trainers couldn’t directly sign off on the Instructor Open Circuit section unless they also had Examiner’s status. We have fixed this annoying glitch in the system. You will now find that when you’re conducting a crossover course, you now have the ability to designate yourself as the Instructor Trainer when you are using the Crossover Credit. This simple work around allows you to sign off crossover candidates and complete the process without needing an Examiner. However, one point to remember: Master Instructor Trainers are still unable to instruct new specialties. If a candidate lacks qualifications like Openwater, Deep, or Nitrox Instructor certifications from another agency, an Instructor Trainer or Examiner will need to assist in teaching these specific Instructor Programs during the crossover process. And of course, this extra work justifies additional fees. Any questions, please contact your RRO.

RAID Benelux open for business

Growth without quality is a poor strategy for any business, but especially a scuba and freediving agency. So, when we took over the responsibility for Dive RAID International, we promised to make sure when we added people to our team they would be totally committed to bringing positive change to the industry. And that’s why we’re so excited to welcome Jimmy Wuytack, our newest RAID Regional Officer (RRO) to the team. “I am convinced that I am the right person to spread the RAID philosophy in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg! “RAID’s reputation is innovation, and RAID Benelux will follow that trend, and work with the DRI team to bring success and new life to my region,” he said. RAID staffer, and a member of the agency’s management team, Gianmichele Iaria, explained, “I’ve known Jimmy and Tine for several years and have been lucky enough to watch their enthusiasm and expertise grow and become more and more impressive. “I’m excited to welcome them; it’s great news,and I was honoured to work with them during their transition to becoming our ambassadors for their region. They are a new generation of industry leaders, and I am sure they will do a great job for RAID in the coming months and years.”  Please join us in welcoming Jimmy and Tine to our team! Visit their Facebook page at Dive RAID Benelux and Instagram here>>> Are you interested in joining Dive RAID International? We’re interested in welcoming you regardless of at which level you want to join: diver, dive leader, dive centre or perhaps as an RRO. Simple: contact and we’ll make it happen.

RAID Now Supports ORCA v6 from LUNGFISH

RAID is thrilled tell you about its collaboration with Lungfish Dive Systems, and to introduce a new option to our cutting-edge range of rebreather courses. The Lungfish Dive System blends simplicity with advanced operational capabilities in a compact and flexible unit that’s equally at home in recreational or expedition mode, which sets a new standard in underwater exploration. Lungfish Dive Systems, renowned for their expertise in Closed Circuit Rebreathers (CCR), presents a compact rebreather that redefines convenience and versatility in scuba diving. Lighter and less cumbersome than traditional scuba gear, the Lungfish CCR offers unmatched adaptability, catering to diverse dive and travel preferences. At the heart of this breakthrough is the Lungfish ORCA CCR, designed to deliver superior performance while eliminating the bulkiness associated with traditional SCUBA equipment. Dive enthusiasts can enjoy extended underwater adventures with exceptional freedom of movement. The ORCA CCR’s flexibility makes it the correct “tool” for a long list of dive and travel requirements. “This is such a stunning rebreather. Compact and lightweight, but it’s so really well constructed. It dives, and trims so well, no matter whether you are wetsuit or drysuit diving. And it is so beautiful simple.” Paul Toomer, RAID’s senior training consultant and an instructor-trainer for the Lungfish unit. This remarkable unit boasts state-of-the-art electronics, complemented by failsafe mechanics and robust practicality. Its ergonomic, user-friendly design combines seamless operation with top-tier performance. The low resistance breathing loop guarantees effortless and comfortable breathing, while the efficient scrubber efficiently manages demanding deep-water conditions. For added safety and monitoring, the unit incorporates a solid-state carbon dioxide monitor. To embark on this thrilling rebreather journey, aspiring divers should meet the following prerequisites: Contact your local RAID Dive Centre to find out more about Lungfish Dive Systems!For instructor training, contact: Paul Toomer | Dave Gration | Martin Robson. For diver training in the USA, please contact Sandra Clopp. Already a Lungfish instructor? Easy to cross over your status by completing this form>>>

Opening up Germany

RAID is constantly growing and turning more divers and wannabe divers on to the fun, comfort and safety of diving The RAID Way™. And occasionally we get to welcome old friends and dive buddies into the “family.” We’re so happy to let the diving community know that RAID Germany is now fully online. Stefano Stolfa (RAID Italia, one of the partners at DRI, and a senior Examiners (in center in photo)), recently worked with long-time RAID instructor-trainer Robert Lange (on right in photo above), and “new boy” Uwe Rath (left in photo) to upgrade their teaching status with the agency. Robert is now a full RRO for Deutschland (, and will be responsible for professionals’ support and growth of the brand in that region. Uwe, who has been prominent in both recreational and technical diving communities in the Dominican Republic as well as in Europe, is now a RAID Examiner with a particular interest in helping to grow RAID’s professional network in Germany. We expect RAID’s newest RRO will be running instructor programs as well as professional crossovers asap. Contact Robert for details and schedules. Between us, we are making it easier to join RAID in bringing positive change to the dive industry. Beautiful classroom facilities, and 8 degrees at 18 metres for gas sharing drills!

Cavern diver training program is so popular… we should have known

RAID Cavern diver is hugely popular

Surprised by cavern training program Every flavour and size of scuba diving broadens the mind and opens a host of unique and exciting ways to appreciate the underwater world, but frankly, we’re surprised that so many divers seem to have cavern diving is on their to-do list. At RAID, we work hard to add recreational specialties because continuing education helps our members hone dive skills and stay comfortable and competent in the water. New programs help them, and of course, they help us and our dive centres… it’s our business to respond to <market trends>. But with the “overnight” popularity of Recreational Cavern Diver—launched at the beginning of March—has taken us by surprise. We should have added a Recreational Cavern program sooner than we did. Whoops, sorry about that. However, we have to take credit for something and our guess is that the new additions to RAID‘s specialties menu (Twinset Foundations was successfully launched at the same time… and has proved popular too), are exactly what the community was waiting for. The right mix of accessible challenge, fun, and diving The RAID Way™. More about Cavern here>>> Check our Twinset Foundations here>>> 

Twinsets are not just for technical diving!


Diving with two cylinders used to be the sign of a hard-core technical diver but that’s old-school when nitrox was considered “technical.” RAID‘s new program encourages any diver to enjoy the comforting feeling of having “tonnes of gas.” Twinset Foundations (diving with doubles) is a totally new program is the RAID catalogue. It is RAID‘s answer to delivering formalized training for divers who want to learn the safe and responsible way to use this classic kit configuration for any type of diving. In effect, twinset foundations opens up diving with redundant gas to the whole diving community. Designed as a valuable standalone for anyone who wishes to understand and enjoy the benefits of extending their bottom time, having a second first stage ready to deliver gas, and learning how to plan their dives to take full advantage of these benefits. This course may also be combined with other RAID courses and will become a prerequisite for students wishing to use twinsets on advanced decompression courses and overhead programs (much like our existing sidemount course). RAID‘s focus in 2023 will be on launching more programs aimed at the broader recreational market, and we view this brand-new program as a perfect fit for that promise to you and your dive centres. The full standards follow this introduction to the new course but its key points are: combination of confined water training to work on and show mastery of required skills, with at least two open water dives logging three hours or more in-water time. This course is available to any open water 20 certified diver who is 15 years old.   Take a look at the current standards for this RAID course here>>>