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Buddies in Training



Did you know that RAID gives you a chance to share your passion for underwater adventure with the future… the future of scuba diving that is?

Introducing young kids to scuba diving and educating them about marine life and the environment is a fantastic way to instill a love for the ocean and conservation at an early age.

RAID is extremely proud to have several levels of specialized programs that give young explorers as chance to learn about marine ecosystems, underwater life, and the importance of protecting our oceans, The RAID Way™.

Learning with RAID combines fun diving activities with educational sessions to help kids better understand the underwater world and the impact of human actions on marine environments. It’s a wonderful way for kids to develop a sense of responsibility towards the ocean.

And of course, RAID’s Cadet Open Water, and our other courses for youngster starting at age 10, are the safest, most inclusive, and fun adventures to make scuba a family affair.

Done right, introducing youngsters to scuba is easy. It teaches water safety, respect for themselves (what a huge boost of confidence it is to become a RAID cadet diver), and opens a young mind to whole new world. (That of course is true for kids of every age, even the ones old enough to be adults.)

Scuba diving is something special and we invite every certified diver… and every RAID instructor… to share.

Contact your local RAID dive centre for details.

Visit RAID’s FREe-Learning to read more.

Scuba diving can be an exciting and rewarding experience for people of all ages, including kids. However, there are some important things to consider when kids are involved in scuba diving: RAID and our skills-based approach is the best option to provide youngster with the right training, supervision, and precautions, so that kids can safely enjoy the wonderful world of scuba diving.