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Be The Best You Can Be


This excellent RAID program has been a popular choice for divers since it was first introduced.

It’s value as a serious refresher program for any level of diver (recreational or technical, open or closed circuit) has always been recognized, but it is particularly popular with experienced divers who have come up through other agencies, and who feel their skills and understanding of advanced dive protocols is a little “rusty” or lacking.

We feel the Performance Diver course is unique approach to making better divers. However, that’s a common selling point… making you a better diver is part of the pitch from every dive agency and dive shop. But what exactly does it mean… what’s the real benefit?

RAID’s programs focus on teaching real-world diving skills. Skills that make divers feel confident and comfortable in the water. Not only does that result in safer divers, but it’s an easy transition from that to more active divers… people who dive because it’s fun and they like it.

The skills taught in this course have been designed by some of the most respected dive professionals in the industry. They have condensed years of in-water experience into a great program that’s fuelled by great ideas and solid knowledge. Something useful in all sorts of conditions and all sorts of gear configurations. In short, a range of skills you will use on every dive: buoyancy, trim, situational awareness, gear selection and management, contingency planning… having fun and staying safe.

No matter how well you dive now, Performance Diver will make you even better.

The applications of the program are endless. Any dive in any environment or equipment design can be made safer, easier, and more fun by utilizing the skills mastered in this course.

  • The program may be completed using modified recreational equipment, sidemount, twinset or rebreather.
  • The program may be completed in a pool, confined water or open water.
  • Minimum 15 years old with parent/guardian approval.
  • Minimum 18 years old when training using a rebreather.
  • Minimum certification is RAID Open Water 20 or equivalent.