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REASON #127 Sometimes people ask why we teach open water students not to kneel on the bottom. The answer is stunning.

As Deep As We Go…

HYPOXIC TRIMIX OPEN CIRCUIT TO 100 METRES Hypoxic trimix is a highly specialized course and at the pinnacle of technical diver training. While it may seem just more of the same compared to other trimix open-circuit courses, because part of the focus of this course is on diving with gas mixtures containing extremely low levels […]

Dynamic Apnea adds another dimension to breathhold

RAID ADDS ANOTHER JEWEL IN ITS ONE-BREATH COURSE LINE-UP We are pleased to announce the launch of our Dynamic Apnea program, following the recent introduction of our Static Apnea program. This new offering further expands our range of training opportunities for freediving enthusiasts, and we are excited about the possibilities it presents for divers looking to enhance their skills […]

A True Champion

BILL MARDEN HAS SUPPORTED RAID SINCE ITS BEGINNING How many people have had a Dive Centre for almost half a century and taught for most of it!? Perhaps only a stubborn, belligerent, bloke could do this, but he’d have to be honest, hardworking and a great Instructor. Meet Mr Bill Marden owner of SubAquatics in […]

A Note About Personal Dive Computers


PDCs ADD TO DIVE SAFETY… BUT PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK Recently, there have been a few social media posts that send mixed messages about the roles and benefits of personal dive computers to recreational divers. It could be that the winter layoff in the northern hemisphere has ‘rusted’ familiarity with PDCs for some divers, and […]

Which brand is your choice?


FOR THE PROFESSIONAL, IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT WORKS FOR THEM Some choices simply seem odd to those of us looking at the world from a different vantage point. For example, I have never developed a taste for the ubiquitous Canadian morning eye-opener, a “double-double” from Tim Horton’s. For those readers unfamiliar with the Tim’s […]

Risk Management


THERE’S MORE TO IT THAN ASSIGNING BLAME… Playing around water is risky. It really makes very little difference whether the game is freediving, recreational diving on a shallow reef, or navigating through the twisted remains of a battleship sitting in the dark at 80 metres. It can be dangerous, and if something goes wrong, it’s […]