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The Benefits of Being an Online Training Partner


RAID is an online business; we always have been. We like the whole vibe that being totally digital conveys: that’s to say a sense of community, open access, and inclusivity. And it really helps the company keep the smallest environmental ‘fin-print in the industry.’

One message we send out is “Join us.” This is an invitation to become part of our organization. That message is aimed at dive pros who want to bring positive change to the dive industry, but also to divers in general.

There are more than a thousand reasons to join RAID, and one of them is the way our system works.

It’s really very simple. For dive centres and instructors, we’ve done away with paper. RAID arrived at the ‘paperless office’ years ago, and it works very well.

For our students, people like you perhaps, our system presents all the academics in a format that ensures customer safety and security. No books to lose, no chance of the dog eating your homework. All that is a top priority for RAID.

What also counts is customer satisfaction, and something that we think is unique is our QA System (step 8 in the course flow).

At the core of RAID’s QA System is customer protection, because every student is surveyed at the end of their course and as part of the final certification process.

During what amounts to a class debrief, they are asked if the course met their expectations and if they feel comfortable and confident performing the course-specific skills… the stuff that’s supposed to be covered in their course by their RAID instructor.

Step 8 in the RAID course flow is a vital part of the the whole system and it’s important for our students to understand why. The student co-signing skills essentially checks the final box in the process. Their input becomes part of the Quality Assurance audit trail. By checking it, the student is telling RAID HQ that everything was fine. It’s the student’s best chance to say things went exactly as expected.

Investing in a robust customer protection system not only helps to safeguard customer trust and loyalty, but it also helps to protect everyone from potential legal and financial liabilities. So, it turns out that final sign-off is much more than just a simple check box. It’s the key to happy, comfortable, confident, and safer diving.

Many thanks to James Omac Field Service Manager for RAID in the Philippines for the infograms used in this posting…