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As Deep As We Go…

HYPOXIC TRIMIX OPEN CIRCUIT TO 100 METRES Hypoxic trimix is a highly specialized course and at the pinnacle of technical diver training. While it may seem just more of the same compared to other trimix open-circuit courses, because part of the focus of this course is on diving with gas mixtures containing extremely low levels of oxygen, it calls for extreme caution and highly skilled instruction and students at the top of their game! COURSE DESCRIPTION Something to note about this new RAID course is that it offers two certification options: Limited Hypoxic Trimix Open Circuit Diver (80m/265ft Hypoxic Trimix Open Circuit Diver (100m/330ft. (Check with your local RAID Dive Centre to see which is best suited to your needs.) Our Hypoxic Trimix Open Circuit Program and the Limited Hypoxic Trimix Open Circuit Program are advanced diving courses designed to equip divers with the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and execute dives to depths beyond 60m/200ft. This program builds upon the theoretical knowledge and skills learned in previous diving courses and introduces new techniques specific to deep decompression diving using multiple decompression strategies and gases. This is a program aimed at experienced divers who are already comfortable with planning deep open circuit dives and managing a complex equipment package, and operating as part of a team. Throughout the course, divers will review and refine existing skills, with particular focus on contingency planning, multiple gas switches, pin-point buoyancy control while exchanging stage cylinders, DSMB deployment from depth, and support planning. The program emphasizes the importance of proper equipment setup, pre-dive checks, gas analysis and labeling, as well as effective communication and problem-solving techniques. By the end of the program, divers will have the confidence and competence to safely navigate the challenges of deep open circuit mixed gas diving. One challenge of diving to extreme depths is that the partial pressure of oxygen in a standard gas mix would be beyond what’s considered safe levels and the likelihood of oxygen toxicity is unsupportably high. Proper training ensures that divers understand how to safely use these gas mixtures, calculate decompression obligations, and handle any emergencies that may arise. If you are considering hypoxic trimix training, it’s essential to enroll in a reputable training program with experienced instructors and follow all safety protocols to minimize risks associated with deep technical diving. Deep trimix diving also brings into play many other psychological and physiological challenges that this program will prepare you to meet and manage. Let us know if you need more information or have any specific questions about hypoxic trimix training!