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Dynamic Apnea adds another dimension to breathhold

RAID ADDS ANOTHER JEWEL IN ITS ONE-BREATH COURSE LINE-UP We are pleased to announce the launch of our Dynamic Apnea program, following the recent introduction of our Static Apnea program. This new offering further expands our range of training opportunities for freediving enthusiasts, and we are excited about the possibilities it presents for divers looking to enhance their skills and experiences in the world of apnea diving. Dynamic Apnea training is a type of breath-hold training that focuses on improving a person’s ability to hold their breath while moving underwater, typically used in freediving and swimming disciplines. At its fundamental level, it involves swimming underwater for a distance or time without taking a breath. Dynamic Apnea training can help enhance breath-holding capacity, increase lung efficiency, and improve overall performance in all water-based activities including scuba diving. Description: The RAID Dynamic Apnea Specialty course is a comprehensive training program designed to provide freedivers with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in dynamic apnea swims. ​ The course focuses specifically on dynamic apnea with bi-fins (DYNB) and dynamic apnea no fins (DNF). ​ Participants will learn proper techniques, including buoyancy control, streamlining, and finning techniques. The course also covers important safety considerations, such as recognizing signs of hypoxia and performing rescue techniques. Additionally, the course emphasizes the importance of relaxation and mental focus, as well as the buddy system for supervision and support. Overall, the RAID Dynamic Apnea Specialty course offers divers the opportunity to improve their technique, enhance their performance, and enjoy the thrill of dynamic apnea. ​ In freediving, Dynamic Apnea is a discipline where divers aim to cover the greatest horizontal distance underwater in a pool on a single breath, using fins for propulsion. This discipline requires both physical fitness and excellent breath-holding techniques. Divers streamline their bodies to minimize water resistance, use efficient finning techniques, and focus on relaxation and mental control to conserve oxygen and increase their distance. Dynamic Apnea training helps improve oxygen efficiency, lung capacity, and breath-holding ability, ultimately enhancing performance and safety during freediving activities. As with any activity in RAID’s curriculum, it’s important to practice Dynamic Apnea under the guidance of experienced instructors to ensure safety and proper technique. Dynamic Apnea at its highest level is a sport of records. The farthest freediving dynamic apnea with fins (male) is 301 metres, achieved by Guillaume Bourdila (France) at the 28th AIDA World Championship in Burgas, Bulgaria, on 24 June 2022. Bourdila surpassed the existing AIDA record of 300 metres, which had stood since 2016. Magdalena Solich-Talanda set a new DYN woman’s world record of 277 metres during a freediving competition in the Czech Republic, also in 2022. ASK YOUR LOCAL RAID DIVE CENTRE FOR MORE DETAILS>>>