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Risk Management


THERE’S MORE TO IT THAN ASSIGNING BLAME… Playing around water is risky. It really makes very little difference whether the game is freediving, recreational diving on a shallow reef, or navigating through the twisted remains of a battleship sitting in the dark at 80 metres. It can be dangerous, and if something goes wrong, it’s human nature to look for someone to blame. However, assigning blame is very different to actually fixing the problem. In fact, blaming ‘some clown’ for an accident or a near miss is as far away from fixing a issue as one can get. The goal of every RAID instructor regardless of what they teach, is fixing problems. In fact, the goal should be to manage the risk before a problem shows its ugly head. Here are some simple steps to help make that happen. Unfortunately, we can never eliminate all risk from diving. Slippery poolsides, trips over an equipment bag left in a gangway, cylinders falling off a bench, the consequences of dehydration, bumping into firecoral or the sharp edges of a shipwreck’s hull: we cannot take them away. All we can do, as divers or instructors, is work at making the risks associated with this wonderful adventure, acceptable. And that’s what risk management is all about. #Theraidway™ MANY THANKS TO MHA CONSULTING FOR THE EXCELLENT GRAPHIC KUDOS TO PASH BAKER FOR THE ORIGINAL IDEA FOR THIS POST