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Getting the most out of RAID’s Independent diver program

THIS BLOG POST IS AIMED AT DIVE PROS…THE DIVER VERSION IS HERE>>> Promoting RAID programs, in particular ones that are brand new and have no history, is exciting, but presents a challenge too. Independent Diver is a stand-out. It’s something totally new and while it offers a really useful and interesting addition to the RAID lineup, we thought you might appreciate a few tips on the best ways to get its special message out to your customers.  Here are eight ideas that you’ll find helpful. Identify Your Target Audience: This program is an adventure. It opens up all kinds of possibilities with massive appeal to experienced divers who sometimes dive with less experienced buddies. Create Compelling Marketing Materials:  Hit your email list with a campaign to introduce Independent Diver and its benefits to your customers. Let them know it’s available through your shop. That will give them a reason to call or drop by to find out more. Use the SoMe ads available in the RAID Dropbox to get your customers interested. Schedule the first course and get it filled. We think they will thank you for it. Utilize Social Media: Leverage social media platforms to reach a wider audience. Share details about your program, post engaging content, and interact with your followers to generate interest. Use RAID photos or take your own. Create a quick 30 second video. It does not have to be a Hollywood production to appeal and to get across the right message. Post it on all your platforms. Don’t forget to have a call to action. Collaborate: Work with Instructors and Partner with your customers and any key figures in the local diving community who can help promote your program to their followers. Offer Promotions and Discounts: Attract new customers by offering special promotions, discounts, or package deals for your new program. Couple the open water portion of your Independent Diver program with a trip to a really special local site. Blow your customer’s socks off. Host Events or Webinars: Organize an instore event and an online webinar to explain the special equipment, the skills, and the benefits specific to this new RAID program. We think it’s special. Make that point clear to your customers. This is new, it’s different to anything else. It fits with the whole RAID ethos. Gather Customer Testimonials: Encourage satisfied customers to share testimonials or reviews about their experiences with your program. Positive word-of-mouth is the most powerful marketing tool ever. Engage With Your Customers: As with your day-to-day marketing, stay connected with your customer base through regular communication, feedback surveys, and personalized interactions to build trust and loyalty. The internet makes all this easy and effective. Good luck!