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Upsetting the Status Quo

There’s no place for an old-boys club here. At RAID we make a big thing about being innovative and aware of what we believe the industry needs. That’s not just marketing BS and lip-service. When the agency decides that something is going to affect our members and their business (which of course is our business), we do everything possible to take the time to consider what options there are and weigh the pros and cons of each. This helps us to avoid Status Quo bias and arrive at what we feel is going to deliver the most positive outcome. RAID’s approach is never to follow the pack and never to opt for the default if a better alternative exists. We are innovators. It shows in our history. This has won us market share but has also raised the hackles on the back of some of the industry’s old guard who resist change at any price. You know them. They are stuck in the past, shun creative ideas, reject technology, and refuse to admit that the old ways aren’t necessarily the better option. RAID is far from perfect, but we try, and we are proud of the changes we’ve introduced within the industry. One of those is welcoming dive leaders and pros from diverse backgrounds, all genders, and every possible outlook. Innovation means we judge on merit and capability, rather than trying to protect an “old-boy’s club” and anything resembling an out-dated and unfair guild system. These are the cognitive errors that stifle innovation and real growth. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with us, that’s fine, just as long as we’re judged on results rather than rumour.