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What’s in it for you…

WE’RE MAKING IT EASIER FOR YOU TO DO BUSINESS WITH DRI RAID was the first agency to go totally digital, fully online, no printed manuals, giving us the smallest fin-print in the industry and convenience for our members. And at the time, our back-end Business-to-Business site was state of the art. But since the only constant is change, especially in the digital world, over time, the other agencies followed our lead and caught up. Our once groundbreaking system got tired. We patched it, upgraded it, but it became obvious it really needed to be rebuilt from the first line of code to the last… brick by brick so to speak. Well, we’re doing just that. It’s going to take a while… several months because it’s like tuning a car engine while it’s still running. While the work goes on, if you’re a pro member or a dive centre owner, you’ll notice gradual changes as the contractors do the renovations. Please excuse our mess… as they say. But otherwise, it’s business as usual… only getting easier a little at a time.