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Ocean Reef Integrated Dive Mask (IDM)

RAID IS COMMITTED TO STATE-OF-THE-ART INSTRUCTION USING STATE-OF-THE-ART EQUIPMENT RAID is proud to offer instruction on Ocean Reef revolutionary IDM equipment. The design and function is superior; a remarkable improvement on old-school full-face masks. And an Ocean Reef IDM has several advantages over a traditional scuba mask… field of vision, warmth and comfort, voice communications, etc. They are available in several models, colours, and built-in design features to suit divers at all levels, from beginner to professional. Ocean Reef IDMs are comfortable, perform faultlessly in any environment. Especially great for diving in colder water, and wonderful when coupled with the communications package for teaching in the pool or open water. If you are unfamiliar with Ocean Reef products and would like to find out how you can join the underwater revolution, contact your local RAID Dive Centre. They have the answers. *RAID Professionals, please contact your local RRO or our training department for information about instructor training on this line of products.

Snorkeling’s a sweet alternative

Swim gear, a towel, a mask and snorkel: what could be simpler? And there’s a lot to be seen from the surface, so that sometimes, breaking out the scuba gear isn’t necessary. Did you know that RAID now has a swimmer-friendly snorkelling program? Perfect for hassle-free exploring for any diver, and a great alternative for anyone in the family who isn’t crazy about scuba. This program has its official launch in late September 2023. To check out more about the program and to sign up with your local RAID dive centre, why not take a look at the official course page here>>> .