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A new RRO for Benelux countries

One of the promises DRI made when it took control of the RAID Brand, was to improve its reach and the professional support its members

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Upsetting the Status Quo

There’s no place for an old-boys club here. At RAID we make a big thing about being innovative and aware of what we believe the

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Opening up Germany

RAID is constantly growing and turning more divers and wannabe divers on to the fun, comfort and safety of diving The RAID Way™. And occasionally

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What’s in it for you…

WE’RE MAKING IT EASIER FOR YOU TO DO BUSINESS WITH DRI RAID was the first agency to go totally digital, fully online, no printed manuals,

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So, is RAID a tech agency or not?

The short answer is no, but we understand the confusion. Dive RAID International, RAID for short, takes training open water divers—beginners—seriously. Our instructors are top-drawer

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Public Safety Diver

Dive RAID International has developed a Public Safety Diver (PSD) Entry-Level program which is due for release in mid-September 2023. It is the first offering

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